High quality 11"x17" print available from VGA Gallery for Jim Guthrie & His Litter.



High quality 30" x 40" print available from VGA Gallery for Let Me Live Deep.




High quality 18" x 24" print available from VGA Gallery for A Cozy Yuletide.

excerpted from a painting by Qiqo aka @supertamago, artist/animator at Capy | portfolio

S:S&S EP has become the fortunate subject of many great artworks from a great many people.

And so it was that in mid-May 2012 we kicked off the sworcery tumblr & announced the Sworcery A/V Jam - ie. we put out a call for submissions to anyone with artwork - paintings, sculpture, costume, soundscape, animation or whatever else - in the key of #sworcery.

Our aim was to have a nice little corner on the internet to showcase what people wanted to cook up. Initially we thought of this as a time-limited 'jam' event, however the response was quite strong and submissions kept rolling in, so the tumblr was updated for a few years. It was honestly pretty incredble to see the quantity, quality and diversity of artworks created.

Today the tumblr is still up, only at a "woefully altered*" url. If you have something completed that you'd like to submit via the tumblr, please do - we'll look it over and post it sometime.

In any case, thanks as ever for spending time together with us in the foothills of Mingi Taw.


Take a look:


To see some pretty exceptional artwork, search for the rockstar tag on the tumblr:


Selected tumblr submissions are below, as well as artwork by cosmic friends.


* So it turns out after a couple years of zero activity a tumblr's url gets shifted? Our apologies for letting this happen.



selected tumblr submissions


"The Boor Triumphant" - by illustrator Dustin Harbin aka @dharbin.

 "Legends" - by WP Van Overbruggen aka slid3.



"Trigon Mega-Trifecta" - design by Tilman aka @tilman.



“Sworcery 1 of 2” - illustration by João M.P. Lemos.



“kodomori” - illustration by Kimika aka @pintendo64.


 “Untitled” - painting by Tyler Landry.


 “Sword & Sworcery” -  illustration by Pedro Cobiaco aka @pedro_cobiaco




“Making Friends” - artwork by Caitlin from Space Pyrates.



 “Frustration” - painting by Nando Murio.



 “Logfella” - illustration by Scott Benson aka @bombsfall - crimes!


"Unknowable Geometry" - a drawing by Chris Furniss aka @chrisfurniss. 



“Portrait of Scythian” - Illustration by Mezamero aka @mister_despair


artwork from cosmic friends

"GIF number 6" - animated illustration by Kelly Smith AKA @beatfist at Capy.

Remember when you really wanted that special present, and found it under the tree? This is how you looked. #sworcery




"Sylve & Sworcery" - a painting by Sylv aka @c_sylvain at Capy.



"S&S Symbology" - design by Cory Schmitz aka @coryschmitz for the Sworcery A/V Jam.



------- illustration by Pendleton Ward aka @buenothebear (creator of Adventure Time!) for limited edition print No.03. 


"The White Stag" - print by Charlene Chua aka @charlenedraws for limited edition print No.02.