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The S:S&S EP team were invited to deliver a keynote presentation at Toronto's Gamercamp, an event devoted to "celebrating the art, creativty and fun in videogames", organized by local heroes Mark Rabo & Jaime Woo.

For more info about all the awesomeness Gamercamp had to offer be sure to read this fine article at dorkshelf, where S:S&S EP was aptly described thusly:

I would describe Sword & Sworcery as an unlikely mix of Zelda and art house cinema. The game is equal parts Robert E. Howard, Shigeru Miyamoto, Tim Schaefer, with some David Lynch thrown in for good measure — but there is more to S&S than these inspirations. Adams’ distinct art style and Guthrie’s moody music are unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard in a game before. The guys from Capy also shine, utilizing the tactile interface that Apple’s iPhone and iPad provide in a way that encourages and necessitates exploration by the player. In many case problems can be solved by literally feeling them out; poking and prodding the environment around you, listening for Guthrie’s sound cues or looking for subtle variations in the pixelated landscapes.

One of the sequences they showed off involved so-called “Sylvan Sprites” (or Space Babies as the developers affectionately nicknamed them) and I was completely enchanted as it played out. Enchanted is not a word I think I’ve ever used, but I cannot think of another verb to describe the experience. Having followed Sword & Sworcery since it was announced, I can safely say I have never looked forward to an iPhone game more. I can’t wait to have S&S in my pocket.

NEW! This presentation has been posted in its entirety right the hell here.


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