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///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// S:S&S EP in HD

Since its inception in 2003 Superbrothers has become known for a style of internationally recognized pictographic artwork described as 'rustic 21st century minimalism'. This artwork has enjoyed a degree of visibility in publications such as The New York Times, Wired, The Globe & Mail & the prestigious awards annual American Illustration. The essential advantage of the approach is that it can be employed to communicate effectively with color & motion without an extreme investment of time & resources.

When footage of the first I/O cinema project S:S&S EP appeared, many found the visual approach to be satisfactory, and an early build of S:S&S EP managed to win the IGF Mobile's 'Achievement in Art'.

Sadly, not everyone was so easily amused. 

While the videogame enthusiast press response following GDC has been startlingly positive, there has also been a small amount of resistance in the comments sections following these glowing news posts & articles, a handful of people expressing their antipathy towards S:S&S EP's admittedly 'retro' presentation. This is to be expected. After all, a significant percentage of the videogame-playing audience has grown accustomed to high-fidelity, intensely mimetic worlds constructed entirely using 3-D engines, presented with HD displays & surround sound.

So to appease these cry baby jerks we staffed up, invested in cutting edge middleware, improved our surface detail pipeline & began work on a complex lighting algorithm that will be able to accurately calculate the trajectory of every single ray of light. It is our sincere hope that this improved visual fidelity will more effectively communicate the core S:S&S EP experience to a broader audience.

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Ok, yes, it's April Fool's... still, joking aside, isn't that thing ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!? 

At this point it behooves us to relate that this HD initiative was led entirely by Mr. Clay Morrow & his team at a heretofore unknown Superbrothers research & development site in Burbank, California, who actually made that rad Lego sculpture and were kind enough to send along that super wicked photograph.

1 000 000 thx to Clay, Ever & Levi Morrow, you guys ROCK!

For more about Clay & Cindy Morrow, go here: cmsquared.net.



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