original target platform: iPhone & iPad

now on iOS & Android, Mac, PC & Linux


on Nintendo Switch via eShop


iPhone, iPad & Mac via App Store

PC, Mac & Linux via Steam



Android via Google Play


where else? hmm


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mac, linux & pc + bundle

 //////////////////////////////////////////// BOOM BOOM BOOM

The new edition for the electric computer is now available for Mac & Linux, as well as PC...

...ALSO: we're thrilled to announce the Humble Bundle No.oo5!

For a limited time, pay what you like for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Psychonauts, Limbo, Amnesia & Bastion, plus some of the proceeds go to worthy causes... and that's not all! The lovely soundtracks to these five psychologically dense, audiovisually rich videogames are included including Darren Korb's masterful Bastion songs.

Take a look-see at the new clip (included below) featuring Logan Cunningham aka the narrator from Bastion as well as a persuasive pitch from Double Fine's Tim Schafer and/or buy the bundle now at humblebundle.com: 

Note: The Mac edition of S:S&S EP will also be popping up on Steam sometime today, plus it'll show up on the Mac App Store before long. A whole chunk of S:S&S EP was made on Mac & MacBook, so it feels pretty nice to finally be launching the project on these platforms.


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