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sworcery a/v jam

///////////////////////////// CREATE IN THE KEY OF SWORCERY: MAY 11 - MAY 13

Heeyyyyyy so do you have an idea for a painting (or sculpture, costume, soundscape, animation or DIY videogame) 'in the key of #sworcery'? Would you like to mess around with a remix of one of Jim Guthrie's #sworcery songs?

If so then AWESOME. We're here to provide some structure and some motivation, as well as an opportunity to exhibit your work to an appreciative audience.

  • BRIEF: create artwork, sounds & whatever else in the key of #sworcery
  • EVENT: jam alongside Superbrothers, Capy & Jim Guthrie on Friday, May 11th - 13th
  • DEADLINE: submit before the end of Sunday, May 13th 2012 & we'll make some noise

Take a look at the sparkling new sworcery.tumblr.com to see some of what has already been created.

Go to swordandsworcery.com/jam for more details + keep an eye & an ear open, because from now until the jam begins next Friday, May 11th we'll be posting some A/V materials to get you psyched....materials like these:

"Wanna jam? OK, LET'S ROCK"


IN THE LOOP? If this floats your boat & you'd like to stay in touch you may wish to go here.