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In March 2010 in San Francisco at the Independent Games Summit at the Game Developer's Conference, a Superbrothers representative contributed a brief talk to a five minute 'indie rapidfire rant' session. Soon thereafter, upon request, slides and an approximation of this talk were prepared and published on the computerized internet website Boing Boing thx to Mr. Brandon Boyer & Mr. Rob Beschizza.

The micro talk's title was LESS TALK, MORE ROCK: The Native Language of Videogames Can Neither Be Spoken Nor Written.

Due in part to its origin as a 'rapidfire rant' its admittedly a little fast-and-loose, clumsy & imprecise. Still, heartfelt.

The micro talk suggests that there's a significant value in exploring nonverbal synesthetic audiovisual communication in videogames, and that verbal communication - text & speech - can be disruptive if used immoderately or without careful attention.

Despite a few misunderstandings the response to the talk has been largely positive, and since its publication online it has bounced pretty far around the internet.

To see the slides include Superbrothers interpretations of pioneering videogame characters from Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia, Eric Chahi's Another World aka Out of this World, Shigeru Miyamoto's The Legend of Zelda (above) & Super Mario Bros., as well as Fumito Ueda's Ico.

Allow perhaps five minutes & click below to see the feature article on the Boing Boing:

For further reading on 'the conflict between words & images', you may enjoy a thought-provoking if admittedly fairly scattershot book written by the late neurosurgeon Leonard Schlain, described in detail here: