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////////////////////////////////////// LEGO PIXELS FROM THE MORROWS

Mr. Clay Morrow, a Teletex reader & storyboard artist from Burbank, California, writes:

"Having spent countless hours playing with Lego and then later with an NES and its pixels I've always felt a connection between the two! S&S really struck a chord with me and my kids, and it has us revisiting some old videogame systems that I had in storage."

Yes. That's right. That thing in the middle & on the right are photographs of an actual sculpture made of Lego, constructed, staged & photographed by Mr. Clay Morrow and his sons Ever & Levi. The image above provides some insight into their process - on the far left we see a digital schema created by Mr. Morrow using a free-to-use Lego construction tool on the electric computer, in the centre we see the original photograph of the Lego sculpture, and on the right we see the same photograph after it emerged from the Superbrothers laboratory in Toronto. To get a closer look at this image please proceed to look & download at S:S&S EP artwork, including wallpaper-sized images, here.
If you'd like to design your own Lego sculptures without the need to actually purchase the occasionally expensive Lego kits, or should you may wish to simply be more precise and strategic in your purchase of the aforementioned kits, you may wish to investigate the use of a tool that comes recommended from Mr. Morrow. It's a free-to-use 3-D application offered by Lego that was used to create the rough digital schema mentioned in the paragraph above. You can download the program in its entirety here.
For more about the Morrows feel free to go here.
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