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autumn equinox sale




Wednesday, September 21st 2011 [1 DAY ONLY]

The day and the night are in balance once more, precisely six months after the vernal equinox and the launch of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, so an autumn equinox videogame + music sale is both chronologically & cosmologically inevitable.

It may be a simple cosmic coincidence that Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP has very recently been nominated for the GameCity Prize alongside six other videogames, including Valve's Portal 2. This prize has been positioned as the Man Booker Prize according to this article at The Guardian, and as GameCity director Iain Simons says in this article at BBC.co.uk, the newly announced prize "...is about videogames gaining cultural confidence..." or whatever.

If you're jonesing for more #sworcery you can keep an ear to the ground at Fantastic Fest's Fantastic Arcade 2011 in Austin where S:S&S EP will be showcased in some capacity, or attend IndieCade 2011 in the Los Angeles area, where S:S&S EP has been chosen as a finalist and be sure to catch the 'S:S&S EP Post-Post Mortem' closing session at IndieCade on Sunday, October 8th 2011, where Capy president Nathan Vella and S:S&S EP co-creator Kris Piotrowski, as well as representatives from Superbrothers Inc., will be joined by telegraphic representations of composer and co-creator Jim Guthrie and other contributors, to reflect on this unusually collaborative project and look ahead to the [REDACTED] still to come.

A note about the S:S&S EP infographic included above: it demonstrates the number of woeful errands complete by vocation, with referees, hatladies, trumpeteers, warrior monks, peasants, cooks, sailormen, nurses & plumbers represented (from left to right).

If for some reason you have held off on purchasing either the videogame or Jim Guthrie's one-of-a-kind album of beautiful, soaring music then we encourage you to seize the day & enjoy these offerings as the weather cools.
Can you think of any friends, family members, former classmates, war buddies or any other lapsed videogame enthusisats who would enjoy the audiovisual experience offered by the Sword & Sworcery project? If so then please by all means take advantage of this opportunty to gift any of the items and/or help us spread the word about today's drastic lowering of the cost barrier.
Is that all there is in store for fall 2011? Hmmm...
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