moon eclipses sun




 ////////////////////////////////////////////////// A FEVERED FAMICOM DREAM

ON MAY 21st AT 7:35 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING IN JAPAN the moon obscured some of the light from the sun, casting an eerie shadow. At precisely the same time, a transmission from 8-4 Ltd. was broadcast via the internet, alongside a new edition of the Audience Calibration Procedure clip, localized & remastered entirely for Japan. Avoid the English language & enjoy sworcery in its new native langauge in the clip above! 

The following are excerpts from the above-mentioned solar eclipse transmission:

Ladies & gentlemen: Konnichiwa. We have heard your cries & we apologize for the delay.
Our research team at Superbrothers, alongside videogame wizards at CAPY & maestro Jim Guthrie, and in collaboration with our trusted partners at Tokyo-based 8-4, Ltd., are proud to announce that our latest psychosocial audiovisual experiment, a meandering mythopoetic adventure known as SUPERBROTHERS: SWORD & SWORCERY EP, will be available this summer for the very first time in the native language of the noble people who live on the island nation of Japan.
Included in the transmission was this cryptic hint:
Note: If you have already purchased SUPERBROTHERS: SWORD & SWORCERY EP and you are curious about these Japan shenanigans: please remain calm, you will be taken care of.
Elsewhere in the transmission, these quotes could be found: 
“It’s simply a magnificent game” says Suda 51, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio behind such acclaimed games as No More Heroes, Killer 7, and Shadows of the Damned.
“There’s a long history of cool, quirky & meaningful Japanese games making it over to the West” says 8-4, Ltd. Executive Director Mark MacDonald. “We figured it was time to return the favor, and #sworcery is the perfect package to do it in style.”
For a full transcript of this solar eclipse transmission, feel free to click here.

To follow the progress of this "Sukimusu" project on Twitter, try searching @sukimusu on Twitter or stop by


 ////////////////////////////////////////////////// NEW REMIX RECORD WITH SEVEN SONGS OF SWORCERY

TO MARK THE JUNE 21st LAUNCH OF SUPERBROTHERS: SWORD & SWORCERY EP in the island nation of Japan, an entirely new album has been created featuring seven of Jim Guthrie’s songs of sworcery, re-interpreted by a who’s who of Japanese composers, many of them known for their affiliation with videogames.

THE SCYTHIAN STEPPES remix record will contain tracks from Michiru Yamane (think: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night), Akira Yamaoka (think: Silent Hill), Baiyon (think: PixelJunk Eden & PixelJunk 4am), Mitsuto Suzuki (most recently: Final Fantasy XIII-2), as well as a magnificent chiptune artist known as macotom3, as well as the enigmatic new superhero Decasségui Hip. 

This new record was orchestrated by the folks at 8-4, Ltd. with the intention of bringing the best of the west to the east, and bringing the best of the east to the west. 

“We wanted to do something special to celebrate #sworcery finally coming to Japan,” says 8-4, Ltd. president Hiroko Minamoto. “Music and collaboration were key aspects of this game from the beginning, so a remix album together with Japanese artists just felt right.”

More information as well as a delicious sampling of all the new tracks can be found in the second a/v clip above. 

For the full press release about Sword & Sworcery in Japan, click here.

Key members of the S&S team will be travelling to Japan ahead of the June 21st summer solstice launch event, you'll probably hear more about this on the @84play podcast.


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a/v jam recap

Artwork created for the a/v jam by Mare Odomo aka @mareodomo.

Since Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP launched in spring of 2011 we've seen a few paintings & sketches 'in the key of sworcery' pop up on the internet, some of them from our pals, some from kids or families, some from skilled creatives who found themselves inspired by the project. These creations got us all super psyched, but we were always too busy to do anything about them other than just reflect back positive vibes to the creators.

Thankfully, once 'the new edition for electric computers' was released for PC on April 16, we found ourselves with just enough time to create an official exhibition space online, and so a few weeks ago, the sworcery tumblr was born.

We figured we might as well dream up an event to get people interested in the exhibition and encourage folks to create & submit, and so the sworcery a/v jam was born. We announced the event and started posting S&S paintings by Capy's artists to stoke the creative fires, and on the first day of the jam, Jim Guthrie offered up sounds & stems while Superbrothers made some official art assets available to be used as reference.

Even before the official start date of the jam we found ourselves with an embarassment of riches, with Marius Masalar aka @mathazzar's epic re-arrangement of Jim Guthrie's sworcery songs blowing us all away. Seriously, grab your headphones & listen to Maybe a Time of Miracles.

Another stand-out song was Tettix aka @tettix's outstanding synthpop song Don't Go (The Maelstrom). Here are some of the spot-on lyrics:

you don't look well / I'm worried about your health / don't kill yourself trying to get home / there's always some fella to find The Megatome / don't go

stay with me by the fire / no-one has to know / all this geometry is taking its toll / don't kill yourself trying to get home / there's always some some other fool to find The Megatome / oh please don't go

This clip Sworcery for a Monome takes a little while to make any sense but it's absolutely worth a look too, particularly where the on-the-fly remixing happens half-way through. It's pure sworcery!

If you only have a few minutes to take a look/listen at the a/v jam exhibition then you may wish to search by #love to see a smattering of stunning submissions. If you have some time you might want to look through the whole thing, or try searching by specific hashtags (eg: #music #video #rockstar). If you particularly enjoy a painting or a song or a video, please do get in touch with the artist(s) and give them a high five on Twitter or whatever, it'll put a smile on their faces.

The vast majority of the artwork, videos & music on the sworcery a/v jam was created in the last ten days or so, since the jam was announced. The quantity & quality of the submissions has been genuinely staggering... it's uhh... we really don't even know what to say...

After three solid, tumultuous, transformative years, our time together with Sword & Sworcery is almost over. We are only six weeks or so until the summer solstice, and boy oh boy oh boy we have some super exciting surprises in store in the next little while... but then, soon afterwards, it will be time for Superbrothers to move on from Sword & Sworcery.

With all of that in mind, to see what has happened with the sworcery a/v jam, we find ourselves pretty profoundly moved... thank you all for submitting, creating, supporting & enjoying our videogame haiku about life, love & death.


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maybe a time of miracles


////////////////////////////////////////////// MATHAZZAR'S MIRACULOUS MUSIC

We are thrilled to share "Maybe a Time of Miracles", an epic re-arrangement of Jim Guthrie's legendary score by composer Marius Masalar aka @mathazzar. Get your headphones, set aside 7 minutes & embark on an enchanted, exciting musical journey through the foothills of Mingi Taw.

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This composition was created for the Sworcery A/V Jam, details for this event/acitivty are here. It is pretty mind-blowing what folks are capable of, the S&S team is super humbled & happy to see/hear what has been created thus far.


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