3 days to get psyched


Here are three reasons why we're super psyched about the new edition of S:S&S EP for electric computers that will be launching for PC via Steam in only three days (!):

oo1. PRESS PLAY X 2. For the first time we're able to bundle Jim Guthrie's legendary S&S LP record in with the videogame. This record is more than just a videogame soundtrack, it's Jim's first full-length solo record since 2004's acclaimed Now More Than Ever, and the music is in many ways foundational for the whole project. Some of the songs on the record directly inspired the creation of specific sections of S:S&S EP (Under a Tree, Dark Flute, Lone Star, Little Furnace), some of the songs go way back (And We Got Older, How We Get Old). Many of the songs were composed specifically for the project (Doom Sock, The Ballad of the Space Babie, Unknowable Geometry). Says maestro Jim Guthrie: “One of our earliest goals for the game was to create a space that could also be described as ‘an album you can walk through.’ That concept changed a bit along the way, but I always wrote the music with the album in mind.” 

oo2. THE BROADEST, MOST LITERATE AUDIENCE. Soon, anyone with an electric computer will be able to participate in our 'psychosocial audiovisual experiment'... perhaps it will cure soul sickness once & for all? The S:S&S EP project was handcrafted by a tiny team: it was made with love, with imagination, with warmth, with artistic ambition, with humility & with jokes. Our efforts have so far been rewarded beyond our expectations: the original touchtronic edition found a broad, enthusiastic audience - it even ended up in a lot of end-of-year top ten lists & scooped a pile of awards. Now, one year later, it's a genuine thrill to be releasing S:S&S EP on a platform with a rich history of experimental, literate, interesting, music-inspired videogame-type-things. 

oo3. REMASTERED FOR THE HOME THEATRE. This new edition looks pretty fancy & it sounds plenty nice, plus it feels natural as a 21st century re-imagining of the classic point & click adventure. If you've been meaning to replay S:S&S EP, or if you never quite completed The Scythian's heartbreaking story and you're looking for a reason to start again, then we think this is a pretty sweet opportunity to jump back in (and who knows, maybe there are still secrets to discover). 

. . .

So yeah - if you've never played S:S&S EP but you fondly remember the Sierra & Lucasarts adventures of the early 90s AND/OR if you are in love with the mood & style of Eric Chahi's Another World or Fumito Ueda's Ico AND/OR you find yourself pining for something with a classic The Legend of Zelda vibe AND/OR maybe you just want to play around with something laid back while hanging out in a prog rock videogame concept album... well, then... you have 3 days to get psyched!

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP launches on Monday, April 16th for PC via Steam, it will be made available for Mac before the summer solstice. The Steam editions of S:S&S EP will include Jim Guthrie's record Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies (also available at Jim Guthrie's internet record shop on vinyl & audiocassette). The whole thing together will only cost a coupla dollars more than what it currently is on Apple's touchtronic machinery, so please do get or gift it & help us spread the word!


point & click?


POINT & CLICK? from Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery on Vimeo

/////////////////////////// ANNOUNCING A NEW EDITION OF S:S&S EP

Ladies & gentlemen, old friends & uninitiated participants:

We are genuinely psyched to announce and/or acknowledge the existence of a new edition of S:S&S EP for the electric computer (ie: PC & Mac).

Here are the relevant bullet points: 

  • Play this new edition at the Capy booth at PAX East in Boston in early April.
  • Point & click on PC via Steam 'before the next dark moon' aka 'very soon'.
  • This new edition will be made available for Apple computers 'before the summer solstice'.

Last spring around the vernal equinox, the original touchtronic edition of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP was made available for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. Jim Guthrie's full-length companion record Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies was launched alongside. Both have been warmly received by audiences & critics alike. It is our sincere hope that this new edition of the project will connect with a broad audience, people who have access to a computer and who have a fondness for musically-inclined computer-enabled stories of myth & mystery.

Note: This edition is intended to be a faithful representation of the original S:S&S EP experience. It has been minorly adapted to better suit player input via the two-button mouse, and some audiovisual elements have been subtly refined as appropriate by Capy, Jim Guthrie & Superbrothers Inc.

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the time is nowruz




/////////////////////////////////// 1 DAY SALE: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21st 2012

Ladies & gentlemen,

The time has come to remind you that the day & the night are in balance.

  • Get/give Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad on the iTunes App Store (shhh... for 1.99$ instead of 4.99$ / TODAY ONLY].
  • Also today: pay whatever you think is cool for Jim Guthrie's most recent full-length solo record Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies over at Jim's internet record shop
  • Of course it's always a great idea to purchase Jim Guthrie's Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies on vinyl with a new limited edition print from Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward aka @buenothebear, or get S&S LP on an audiocassette... all of these wonders are also available via Jim's videotronic record shop

Note: We have heard about Apple's new touchtronic machine & we'll be in touch about this real soon!


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